Recipleaser and Pinterest

Contributor, Lisa Buben

Recipleaser and Pinterest For Chefs and Restaurants

Chefs and Restaurants – If you you want to be seen online you probably have already discovered the value of Pinterest. Pinterest has grown at a faster pace than Facebook and continues to grow in popularity. It may soon take over Twitter as the 2nd spot behind Facebook in overall users according to Pew research. Now there is Recipleaser just for recipes. The website is new and looks and feels like Pinterest a bit. It What better way to show off your favorite dishes and recipes? From breakfast to lunches, scrumptious dinners and mouth watering desserts it can all be found on Recipleaser.

more food porn

Delicious dish from Worlds Chef Fare

You can share right from Recipleaser via Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, G+ or even LinkedIn. Of course having great pictures will help you there as any other social site. Pictures of food are king, called “Food Porn.” Content is queen next to them. Combine the two and you have a great combination to have your food porn shared throughout the web and bring people back to your website or blog. Recipleaser also lets you add the share button in your choice of browser. One of the differences between them and Pinterest is that you can directly message another user on their website. You may also search via top rated and new. You can also post videos on Recipleaser via their add post button.

food porn cake

A beautiful birthday cake

I learned about this new site – Recipleaser from Curt over at SmokedNGrilled. Curt always has something good cooking over at this place and he is quite the social media savvy chef. I had run across his blog a few years back and learned some great tips for StumbleUpon at that time. Be sure to follow Curt and us there too.

Will you be checking out Recipleaser for your blog or website today?