Why Your Restaurant May Need A Loyalty Program

Loyalty Reward Programs

Does your restaurant participate in any type of a loyalty program? They can be simple rewards like a FREE coffee. Did you know that people spend an average of 46% more when they are enrolled in a rewards program? It can be as simple as a punch card for small restaurants or cafes. I know of a local coffee shop that uses it every time I purchase a coffee or hot tea. After 10, 1 is FREE. Pinkberry offers the same with their rewards and has their own app. Having a rewards app is great as over 40 million people are now using their mobile devices to find restaurants and read reviews.

Top Reasons to Offer Loyalty Rewards

  • It will keep your clients coming back to your establishment.
  • You can collect email addresses at sign up and continue to send other types of offers to them. 57% of people signed up DO read the emails from their loyalty programs that they have signed up for! That’s a big number for an email campaign.
  • Your customers will spend more at your place.
  • It will make your customers feel good too.
  • Your customers will tell others about your rewards. They may walk into their office and tell co-workers about the FREE coffee they just received.

Customer Loyalty Programs

by VisualApogee.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
If you own a business do you offer rewards programs?
As a customer do you use loyalty programs when they are available for the rewards?
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