Would You Choose A Fabulous View or Scrumptious Food?

Restaurants – Which Do You Prefer – The Food or The Views?

If you had to choose between a fabulous view or scrumptious food which would you choose? I always wondered about this until my recent visit to the San Diego area last week. By accident I ended up having dinner on a pier on the Pacific Ocean at sunset. My son and I didn’t plan on it but we were getting hungry and there was a restaurant at the end of the pier. It was perfect timing.The ambiance could not have been better.

restaurant fabulous view

The Food was okay but the view was truly amazing. The full moon was in view as well as the sunset at the same time. The ocean was under our feet as we ate. The service was good and the wait staff was very friendly and they even knew where Providence was. (Most people away from the East Coast think Rhode Island is an island somewhere and not an actual state) They had asked if the mafia still existed there in the city of Providence. I guess the movies about Providence have been seen by many now.

the food was good not great

So, when asked to review it by Trip Advisor I did and gave them a great rating with a comment of “the food was good, not great.” I would highly recommend going there for the fabulous view and the wait staff. And I may add it was NOT expensive for the view as one would imagine. Just like this blogger claims on restaurants in Chicago with sky views, “the food doesn’t have to suck to get a spectacular view!”

I gave a tip in Foursquare recommending the restaurant. You may remember I love Foursquare for checking in and remembering where I’ve been. Why not let others know before they go to dine out? There was one restaurant in Arizona that had fabulous food but with no fabulous views. It was called Black Angus. They are a West Coast chain. If that food included an awesome view it would have been a 10.

Do you choose restaurants for the scrumptious food or for the fabulous views and/or ambiance?

Would you give a bad review if the restaurant food or help was bad or only when it is truly fabulous? Love to know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Would You Choose A Fabulous View or Scrumptious Food?

  1. Views are pretty awesome Lisa but if the food is just “ok” or less than appealing, for me, it can quickly kill it. I have to opt for scrumptious food as I’m a huge fan of yumminess and eating. 😉

    • Thanks Bren for your input. I was saw in awe of the view that the food probably tasted better than it was 🙂 I would not eat there often if I lived in the area – I could sit on the beach and watch the view.

  2. Great post.

    Food over view and ambience wins everytime in my book. Although I love having both, when I go to a restaurant I am seeking wonderful food.

    A restaurant has to be really bad, in terms of food and/or service, for me to give a negative review. I tend to focus on the positives of most experiences.

    • Thanks Betsy. I must say the service at this restaurant was excellent and staff was very friendly. Maybe it was the choice of food that was not the best for me but it was okay. (It wasn’t bad – just not the best) I just loved the view. The view gets a 10 and the food there was a 8 or 9.

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