The University of Chef Uniforms

By Ken Buben

Many of today’s restaurants, nursing homes, and any other food service establishments require that the executive chef at the very least utilizes a chef uniform. The chef’s uniform can vary from a work shirt to a classic double breasted chef’s uniform. These uniforms have been worn since the 1900’s in the food industry.

chef uniforms

Many restaurants, institutions and other food service operations utilize an outside vendor to provide and launder their restaurant clothing to an outside service. In my opinion this is a grave mistake.

A chef should be proud of what he is wearing in the kitchen, especially if he has contact with customers in the dining room. Not to mention the fact that a professional well-dressed chef gets a lot more productivity from his or her help. The same can be said for a CEO of a company who walks around in a well-dressed suit and gets more respect from his or her staff. Would that same person get the same treatment if they were dressed in some old dirty clothing?

I recall years ago, selling food products to the restaurant industry where a great knowledgeable German chef use to change his chef coat and go to the front of the house to greet and ask if everything was okay.

Have you ever been asked by a chef if your food was cooked well?         

The bottom line is not always the menu or price but who is preparing the food for your party. You would not want dirty hands cooking your food or dirty clothing to get into your food as well.

In short, I personally ask for a tour of a restaurant’s kitchen to glance at their refrigeration, the quality of the clothing and sanitary conditions before I order anything.

Have you toured your restaurant’s kitchen lately? 


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